Custom design | Butterfly

A cup designed for use in any foodstuffs sector, offering two entirely separate chambers for product filling.

Technical specifications

Order number I01-0164-00
Design Two-chamber cup
Decoration IML
Capacity 2 x 75 ml
(Diameter in mm)
87 x 90
Order number I03-0166-00
Design Lid (to fit two-chamber cup)
Decoration IML-PP
(L x W in mm)
90.4 x 93.4


Our Creative Centre, focused on developing a universal design. The injection-molded cup is equally suited for use with delicatessen products, dairy, confectionery and cold meats. The Butterfly cup can be produced in any color with and without cup decoration, according to customer desires. A matching lid can equally be IML-decorated, making this product universally applicable.

The cup is available in two sizes: 2 x 75 g, 2 x 50 g