Innovative concepts take shape

Novoplast’s prototyping facilities make it possible to build a life-like 3D prototype model.

3D Printer

As a fast alternative to Stereolithography there is the option of printing your first model on our 3D-Printer. During this procedure a plastic wire is melted to a high temperature. A special software has calculated the path for the printer head from the CAD data  provided. The molten plastic is then build up onto a heated printer base via a jet. This is done layer by layer along the set path until the model is finished. This way your initial ideas can swiftly be transformed into reality an actual model.


Using advanced Stereolithography, based on CAD data,a laser beam hardens – layer by layer – the liquid polymers into an original model from which a vacuum casting mould is then made out of silicone. This vacuum casting allows the first prototypes to be cast in a small series of up to 20 pieces, made of polyurethane casting resins. This is how innovative concepts take tangible form.