Innovative solutions for reducing environmental impact

Novoplast is very conscious of its environmental and sustainability responsibilities.

We go to extra lengths to ensure that future generations can also benefit from an unspoiled environment. Every year, Novoplast re-evaluates the environmental impact of its production and workflow processes by implementing measures to minimize negative environmental effects and eliminate them wherever possible.

That‘s why we examine and evaluate the environmental aspects of our processes, critically, during risk assessment. The results listed below represent the main areas where we have an impact on the environment and over which we have direct influence.

Our main environmental influences are:

  • Loss of granulate into the environment during silo filling
  • Risk of contamination from lubricants
  • Unprofessional waste disposal
  • Unprofessional storage of environmentally harmful substances
  • CO2 consumption (carbon footprint)

Targeted measures are defined and implemented for each of these effects. Thereafter, re-assessment of the actual situation is performed with respect to the action taken. The goal of each measure is to minimize/eliminate harmful environmental effects from an economic perspective and increase sustainability.